TUL 033 – Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Is it possible that what you believe about yourself is what’s holds you back from change?  Not only is it possible but true for all of us!  Whether we want to admit it or not the fact remains that our actions directly follow our beliefs!  We like to think that we believe certain things or ways.  We fill out on surveys that we stand for x, y and z.  But one close look into our daily lives might say something entirely different.

Beliefs are powerful, motivating and potentially dangerous!  On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I share a few inspiring and entirely true stories that will help motivate you to push beyond limiting beliefs that might be keeping you from breaking through.  George Dantzig and Roger Banister are remarkable examples that we must learn from to push beyond what we think may be possible. Continue reading “TUL 033 – Break Free From Limiting Beliefs”

TUL 032 – Why You Fail To See Results

Are you where you want to be?  Are you making the progress you had hoped to?

Progress is hard.

On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I bring on a very special co-host, Micah Shaw, to help break down some of the reasons as to why you may not be experiencing the change you want to see.  Micah is a head collegiate track and field coach in Georgia.  He also happens to be my younger (slower and shorter) brother!

Continue reading “TUL 032 – Why You Fail To See Results”