TUL 031 – Business Starter Tips: Is it time to jump?

Is there an idea, dream, or passion you’ve been churning over for some time?  Is it time to jump?

On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I share some business starter tips to help you think through some of the first steps when jumping into something new.  Some powerful advice from not only my own experiences but also from gleaning from the wisdom of many of the best leaders and entrepreneurs and what they have learned along the way. Continue reading “TUL 031 – Business Starter Tips: Is it time to jump?”

TUL 030 – An Easter Principle That Will Change Everything

Bunnies, chocolate, pastel colors, egg hunts – they’re all fine, but they are not Easter.  There’s no need for debate or making a case for Easter, its historical origins are clear.  On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I share about the underlining principal that makes Easter – Easter.

The work of Easter can be adequately summarized in one word RECONCILIATION.  It’s not a word we often use but it is a concept that many of us take for granted daily and find ourselves in need of often.

This show provides you with insight, stories and resources that help you take steps toward significant change in your life.  Today’s content will not just better your life, but has the potential to forever change it.  Our existence is boiled down to two primary relationships; 1) Our relationship to God, 2) Our relationship to fellow man.  If you’re normal, there’s likely a fracture or two in there somewhere in one of those categories.  Listen in today as I address some of the lies that hold us back and provide some motivation to help you take steps that can and will change you for the better!

May your Easter season this year be filled with reconciliation and peace!

If you’re looking for a free book and 30 day trial of Audible just click here! There are countless books available that speak to this issue, I’ve linked one of my favorites but you can chose any you like!