TUL 018 – A Year In Review

3…2…1…Happy New Year!

2016 is ready to retire to the books while 2017 eagerly waits for us!  I don’t know about you but 2016 was full and challenging.  THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE’s primary purpose is to help you make and navigate through change, and my life was no exception.  I changed careers, after 11 years serving a wonderful group of people at our church we followed God’s leading to step away.  We sold a house, bought and entirely flipped another.  We moved out and moved in twice!  Change and challenge are indeed the operative words for 2016.

Yet in spite of those changes we have seen great things.  First the challenges and trials truly show us who we are, what we are made of and how deeply our faith is rooted.  In midst of the already listed changes we saw so many wonderful things that made things easier, we were deeply loved and blessed by family and friends in many ways.  I of course launched this podcast, my wife launch into a new business enterprise.

Maybe your story is similar, maybe you are feeling ready to take some significant steps in your life.  Wether your 2016 was good, bad, average, or boring – it’s done!  And 2017 sits ready and waiting for you!  Will you act, will you take a significant steps?  Will you create habits that will make you?  Will you set yourself up for success by writing down your goals.  Will you prepare yourself for what lies ahead, the exhilarating peaks and the darkest valleys?  They are likely there waiting too, so don’t be surprised or caught of guard.  You can live an unstoppable life!  It is within you!  Take these tools and put them into practice.  Here’s to 2016!  And I cheer you on for the year ahead.  May God Bless you and ready you for this coming year.

See you next year!

TUL 017 – Why Christmas Matters


Why Christmas matters.

Its the most wonderful time of the year, full of cheer, gifts, gatherings, familiar tunes, greed and charity alike.  Bottom lines in the black and checkbooks in the red.  Santa and elves, Jesus and angels.  For many of us, it’s within the sphere of Christmas that we find many of our most wonderful and fondest memories and for others it is the most difficult time of the year.  In a modern world some now wonder, “Does Christmas still matter?”

On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I’ll show you precisely why it does!

I’m not about to go on a rant about saying happy holidays or Merry Christmas. We won’t debate the ongoing war on Christmas as it is called.  I won’t being explaining again how X-mas is not taking Christ out of Christmas but in fact quite the opposite.   Those topics are not the point.  If you want to look for or subscribe to an alternative go ahead, but i’ll save my thoughts on Festivus for another episode.

There are now, and long have been, two variations of Christmas in our culture. There is the version in which Christmas is a largely a commercial enterprise. At its best, this version of Christmas is an exercise in generosity, and an opportunity to turn away from our professional pursuits and remember the fundamental importance of family.  At its worst, it is multi week long binge of expenditure, excess, fulfilling desires for accumulation.  It feeds the beast that is known as consumeristic materialism, where we do not celebrate the power of God so much as we observe and demonstrate our faith in the power of advertising, credit cards, and owning more stuff to fulfill us. (I’ve been black Friday shopping and I can attest to this behavior first hand!)

The other version of Christmas commemorates the entrance of the eternal God into a finite span of human time and history.  A God who became incarnate (embody flesh / take on human form) in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, who came to provide the Way and the Truth and the Life for all humankind. 

Theologian and author C.S. Lewis once said

“Christianity if false is of no importance, if true is of utmost importance, the only thing it can not be is moderately important.”

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TUL 016 – Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

tul-016-jpgWe are all guilty!  It’s part of our human nature to analyze and access situations and people.  Our minds are always looking to make sense of the world and unfortunately the downside of that necessary skill is that we also cast judgement on things and people that might not be entirely accurate and at times they are dead wrong!

On this weeks episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I get to share with you one of my more obvious examples of this human shortcoming.  While we have been told not to judge a book by its cover, we often apply that to others, but what about ourselves?  Do we do the same thing to us?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!   We are so often our own biggest road block and critic.  Tune on in to the episode this week and be encouraged to see yourself in a better (more accurate) light!

If you’re going to live unstoppably your view of you will make all the difference!  Hey, and giving the benefit of the doubt to others isn’t all that bad either!


TUL 015 – When NO is better than YES


It sounds counter intuitive, but it just may be the truth you most need this season.  The holiday’s are FULL – full of busyness, parties, gatherings, shopping, end of year deadlines.

We only have so much capacity and so many of us are far too familiar with overextending ourselves.  I want you to understand the power in saying “NO” not in the way your three year old child used to say it, but in a way that is consistent with living into your priorities.

“In order for us to answer ‘YES’ to what matters most in our lives we will be required to say ‘NO’ to good things.”

On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I’ll share with you an exercise to help you think through what really matters most to you and help you take a hard look to see if you are truly living into them.

Step into this full and meaningful season by answering these three questions and you’ll be on your way toward saying “NO” much more, while also saying a emphatic “YES” to that which truly matters!

Take the time, to set yourself up to succeed in life, not only will you benefit but so will those closest to you.

TUL 014 – Boy Genius Shares Secrets to Success in Life!


“From the mouths of babes…”

This week’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE features an interview with 10 year old Bryce Shaw.  Bryce breaks down for us success and overcoming obstacles to change from the perspective of a child…and his insights are pretty darn good (although I may be slightly bias)!

Tune in to hear him share about some of his favorite things, what he would do if were elected president and even some lessons from his own young experience.

Wherever you are at in life and work, you truly can make significant change!  Put into practice the tools and daily rhythms that will help you make the kind of change you can be proud of!  Whatever your step needs to be, there’s no better day than today to get started!  If you really want to live an UNSTOPPABLE LIFE we are here to help!