TUL 013 – The Secret To Your Happiness Is Right In Front Of You!


It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving on THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE!  On today’s episode I talk about the attitude that will lead you to true happiness in your life.  Successful people have a healthy perspective on life and there’s no better place to start than with thankfulness.  In today’s show I break down for you 5 observations from Thanksgiving that I believe will help you the most.

  1. Don’t play the Mouthguard Challenge unless you want to look like an idiot!
  2. Enjoy the moment.
  3. We consume far too much.
  4. Things don’t always go as planned.
  5. Thankfulness leads to happiness.

If you really feel like looking like an idiot here’s your opportunity!

I’m thankful for each of you and feeling happier already!

TUL 012 – The Fastest Way to Change!


Drive-through’s…  Microwave Meals… Overnight Shipping…

We live in an increasingly fast past society with ever improving efficiency and lofty expectations to everything we need and want.  Our cravings are met in an instant but what about change?  Can we microwave lasting results?

This week on THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I’ll dig much deeper into what I believe to be the absolute fastest way to bring about true change in your life.  So if you find that you’re ready, we’re here to help!

The secret lies in your habits.  It was Aristotle who said…

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

If you truly seek lasting change in your business, life, relationships there really is only one way.  Replace bad habits with good ones.  The human brain is indeed one of the all time wonders of the world and it can be programmed and trained to help you do what you must so that you can be who you are designed to be!

Have a listen and let’s move from where we are to where we need to be!

Imagine your life in one year from now if you could replace just 5 poor habits that don’t bring about the results you want to see in your life with 5 that do!  That my friends is EXTRAORDINARY CHANGE!

Let’s do it!


TUL 011 – What We Can Learn From Trump’s Improbable Presidency

TUL Trump's Presidency

Well this has been an interesting week, to say the least!  The Chicago Cubs won and the World Series and Donald Trump…Yes Donald Trump, is the next president of the United States of America. What!?!!?

As improbable as those truths may be, today’s episode is all about learning from them.  I take a deeper look into what we can learn from Trump’s improbable victory.  No matter how you feel about the election these 3 truths can and will help to bring about change in your life if you truly believe them and put them into practice!

If you were anything like me you stayed up way to late Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.  As I watched the unbelievable events unfold I made these three observations.

  1. Never Give Up! (yes, it’s the same as last week’s Cub’s lessons but you need to hear it again)
  2. Your Qualifications Don’t Define You
  3. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

These were principles that I found to be true of the election and I believe that they are true of you and I.  If you want to make a change in your life they will help.

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more and start making a change that will help you live an UNSTOPPABLE LIFE!


TUL 010 – This Is Next Year!



It happened.  It really happened.  The Chicago Cubs, in dramatic fashion, won the World Series!

On today’s show I reflect on the Cub’s improbable comeback and share observations from the organization and their championship that apply directly to our life’s as we seek to make meaningful change.

The lovable losers of the sports world, the butt of oh so many jokes, now sit atop the pinnacle of their sport and have recaptured the hearts of millions of fans.  If you watched, you understand what I’m about to say (if you didn’t you should of).

In this episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I’ll unpack for you these 3 observations that will help you succeed and persevere to victory much like the Cubbies did.

  • Never Give Up
  • Don’t Ever Lose Sight of the Goal
  • One Great Play Covers Over a Myriad of Bad Ones

Where in your life do you feel down and out, pinned in a corner?  In what aspect are you down 3-1 with the odds stacked against you?  Have a listen and take the steps you need to, to follow the Cubs lead and become UNSTOPPABLE!