TUL 033 – Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Is it possible that what you believe about yourself is what’s holds you back from change?  Not only is it possible but true for all of us!  Whether we want to admit it or not the fact remains that our actions directly follow our beliefs!  We like to think that we believe certain things or ways.  We fill out on surveys that we stand for x, y and z.  But one close look into our daily lives might say something entirely different.

Beliefs are powerful, motivating and potentially dangerous!  On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I share a few inspiring and entirely true stories that will help motivate you to push beyond limiting beliefs that might be keeping you from breaking through.  George Dantzig and Roger Banister are remarkable examples that we must learn from to push beyond what we think may be possible.

Here are 4 Limiting Beliefs that I often hear from others (never thought any myself though! Ha!).  Don’t let them trap you!

  1.  If it’s a great idea it will be an instant success:  Not even close! Name one person who you see as an instant success and they will tell you there’s no such thing.  They busted it for a long period of time before you ever heard of them!
  2.  If I fail, I’m a failure:  Yeah, remember that “instant success” you just thought of, why don’t you also ask them how many times they have failed, flopped, or even went broke.  I thing is for sure, it’s far more times than you!
  3.  I already missed my chance:  “I’m too old,” “I missed my big break,” “An opportunity like that only comes around once”….blah blah blah.  This limiting belief simply isn’t true, so stop believing it.  There are countless examples to attest to this one.  There is no day like today and opportunity comes to those whose keep there eyes open and look for it.  Opportunity doesn’t play favorites.
  4. It hasn’t been done before:  Of course it hasn’t!  That’s why there is you!  Our world is full of examples of this.  It’s an amazing part of the human experience.  Doing things that once seemed impossible, that are far beyond what we thought was attainable, is part of what makes life great.  Just take our examples George and Roger.

Beliefs are powerful!  Positive and negative ones.  Those who do great things are the ones who overcome these limiting beliefs.  What “unsolvable problem” are you up against?  Maybe it’s time to break through.

Author: Bart J. Shaw

Helping Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Change!

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