TUL 027 – Life Lessons From March Madness

3-2-1….It’s GOOOOD!!!

It’s March and Madness is in the air!  You don’t even have to be a basketball lover to get hooked on these few week’s of the year that feature, perennial powerhouses verses their meager foes.  The “Big Dance” as it’s called is truly one of sports great displays.  68 teams from every league clash to make a deep run and the fortunate one that makes it through unscathed is crowned national champion!

It certainly makes for great entertainment, cheering for the underdog, waiting on the edge of your seat for the buzzer beating shot, cheering on your favorite team.

 But what if there are transferable principles from March Madness that can make a difference in your own life?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because I believe that their most definitely are!

On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I spend a little time breaking it down for us.  Sport is a great teacher for life and there is much for us to learn from it.  As you entertain yourself with a dose of March Madness this year, consider these principles and how they can, and will, make a difference in your life today.

  1. Don’t ever count yourself out!  It’s not over until it’s over.  As an avid Purdue Basketball fan I know this all too well (However, this year will be different)!   The last two NCAA tourney were gut wrenching but nevertheless prove this point (listen to episode 027 to get the full effect). Life gets tough, maybe circumstances are stacked against you….don’t count yourself out!  Teams that pull off the upset are teams that believe they can!  If you don’t believe you can -you won’t- simple as that.  Your belief in yourself is enough to set you apart and take you to another level in life.
  2. You must be prepared.  The best team won’t always win, but the team the out prepares and outworks the other nearly always will!  They don’t just show up and become Cinderella.  It’s the stage they need, sure, but maybe more importantly it is the belief that they can do it!  They put in the work, and if you want to make strides in life, YOU MUST PREPARE.
  3. Predict the unpredictable.  Every year after the first weekend of the tourney they always announce that out of X hundreds of thousands of brackets there are 1 or 2 or no perfect brackets left.  The only thing you can predict with any certainty is that you can’t predict anything!  The best basketball analysts in the world don’t even come close to getting it right.  Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen your wife or the random coworker, who couldn’t name one player from any team, chose based on the mascots and beat you!  It will be uncertain and it is all about how you adjust.  Life is eerily similar.  We can try to predict and plan things out but life will always surprise you, throw you off, bring something to the table that you never saw coming and if you can’t adjust you will lose.

In episode 026 Chris Norton also touched on some of these necessary qualities (attitude and effort).  Also mix in a good dose of preparation and you have a recipe of champions!  Those principles will take you further than you thought possible if you apply them to your work, life, goals.  The ball is truly in your court!

So let March Maddness be a lesson to us all, may it make us better at our jobs, better in our families, better personally, better at life.

At the end of it all someone will lift a championship trophy and no one can ever take that away.  Why not you?  Whatever sphere or venue of life is most pressing for you, give it all you got, and prepare well, control your attitude, effort, and prepare well and you’ll go far.

I hope you do!

Boiler UP!

Author: Bart J. Shaw

Helping Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Change!

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  1. Bart ……’The Unstoppable Life’ is very good and very helpful. I just worry about one thing. I am afraid you will lose many readers/ listeners by using the phrase ” Boiler Up” ! I just get a little nauseous when I see that …….Todd

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