TUL 026 – Interview: Chris Norton Finds Happiness Through Adversity

What are you shooting for?  Odds are it’s not big enough!

Today’s guest on THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE has a story that will inspire, encourage, motivate, and challenge you.  My guest, Chris Norton, has been through far more adversity and change in his young life than most of us will have to deal with in all of ours.  After a college football injury left him entirely paralyzed Chris was determined to not give up and to refused to let that be the final chapter to his story.

Chris set the nearly impossible goal of walking across the stage at his college graduation at a point where he could not even support the weight of his own head!  The Doctors told him he had only a 3% chance of ever moving anything again.  Chris’ incredible determination, willpower, faith, and work ethic helped him accomplish this impossible goal!

His story has been documented through most major national media outlets, and videos floating around the web of his walk are in the multi-millions.  He came on the show today to share a candid conversation with me chronicling his journey and explaining how he dealt with it and what’s he’s learned along the way.  As we recently discussed the topic of happiness on the past couple episodes of the show, you’ll find that Chris’ perspective and insights are the perfect culmination to the series.

Listen to his powerful message, and unwavering attitude, as his story is certain to impact yours!

You can watch a great version of one of those videos below.

Wherever you find yourself, know that there is hope.  You can move beyond it as your attitude and effort are always in your control.

May Chris’ story inspire you to live an UNSTOPPABLE LIFE today!  You can get more information about Chris Norton, including contact information for motivational speaking engagements at https://www.nortonmotivation.com/

His transparent and powerful book “The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes,” which he co-authored with his father, can be purchased here.

Author: Bart J. Shaw

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