TUL 025 – Happiness: Part 2

Can happiness be controlled? If so, what can be done to maximize happiness in your own life?

On today’s edition of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE we cover those questions and more.  There is an abundance of research on the topic and studies have shown that 50% of our happiness is already wired in!  That’s right, our genetics make up half.  However, there is another 50% that is malleable!  The surprising finding there is that only 10% is made up of the extrinsic things that were are told to focus on most.  Things like money, status, health, possessions, and rewards.   10%!  That, of course, leaves 40%.  That percentage is made up of intrinsic behaviors.  Things that are inherently satisfying in and of themselves.  Things like personal growth, close and meaningful relationships, community service, purpose.  

These truths are highlighted to an even greater degree in what is widely understood to be the most extensive study ever conducted on evaluating human life.  The Harvard Grant and Glueck studies.

What they found in their 75+ year study is that “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier”

On today’s show I go into greater detail and line out the “3 Goods” that motivate us all toward happiness.

  1.  Good for others:  Our ability to cherish our most meaningful and important relationships lead to our happiness.  We were made to cooperate with our fellow man and the result is happiness for all.
  2.  Good at it:  It’s simple, do more of what you are good at and do less of what your not so good at.  Work out of your strengths and passions.  When we do what we were made to do we naturally come alive!
  3.  Good for me:  Take care of yourself!  Prioritize your own health and well-being.  Your spiritual, emotions, and physical reserves must be managed well for you to maximize your happiness.  Balancing those important aspects of life produce the fruit of happiness in you. (Need some help? Check out these episodes 019, 020)

It wouldn’t be an episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE without some clear actionable steps.  Specifically, what can be done today to improve overall happiness?  (*First, read what I read the morning before studio recording)

Ok, you want to start today?  Here are 5 things proven to improve your outlook on life and subsequently your overall happiness.

  • 3 Gratitudes:  Everyday for a set period of time (try one month), at the end of your day write down 3 things that you are grateful for.  Easy as that.
  • Journaling one positive experience: Similar to the first option, at the end of your day journal about and reflect on some meaningful positive event that happened.
  • Exercise:  Pretty much self explanatory.  What are you waiting for?  Feel better, be healthier, look better, and release dopamine.  It all equals boosted happiness!
  • Pray/meditate:  There’s no better way I know of to bring perspective to our lives than to spend time connecting to the author of our lives.  If this was a ranking list, this would easily be #1. 
  • Random acts of kindness:  The sky’s the limit.  Encourage and bless others.  It not only makes them happier but it does the same to you.  Win-win!

What are you waiting for?  Get busy!

Author: Bart J. Shaw

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