TUL 020 – A New Kind of R & R

It’s January, and the thought of a little R&R sounds oh so enticing right now!  Can you say Caribbean?  Ok, I’ll postpone the wishful thinking.

On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE we continue the discussion on the topic of REST….true rest!

If you desire to be more effective, efficient, or productive you must learn to implement rest into the rhythms of your life!

Establishing regular rhythms of rest and life giving activities will provide you with the right kind of energy and restoration that you need to excel at life.

We must learn what elite athletes have long known and regularly practice.  To run faster and further we must rest more!  So how do we do this well?

I wish there were a perfect system, one that worked universally for everyone.  Of course, there isn’t but there are common markers that serve as litmus tests for us to gauge our levels of rest.

  1. Stress
  2. Exhaustion
  3. Lack of Joy

I’ll share more extensively on each point in this week’s episode.  Once those areas are evaluated and identified you can begin to move toward a solution – creating regular rhythms.  Tune in to this week’s podcast to hear more! 


Author: Bart J. Shaw

Helping Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Change!

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