TUL 019 – This Performance Enhancer Will Change Your 2017!

Who among us doesn’t need a little help?  On today’s episode of THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE I’m going to share with you a performance enhancer that will accelerate your 2017 like none other!  Here’s the best part – It’s FREE!  Now it will cost you, but I assure you it’s 100% free.

Everyone wants something from you, something for you.  Today I simply want to give you what you need.  So what’s this radical secret that will maximize all you do?


Yep, it really is that simple.  Now, it of course, includes the oh so elusive sleep, but is also significantly more than just sleep.  It’s the filling back up of the empty parts of your life; the physical, mental, relational, spiritual, emotional.  Life is pretty good at depleting those valuable resources and if we are honest we aren’t always great at topping them back off.  Most of us function in life as I did when I used to get gas for my car as a young (and poor) 16 year old.  “I wonder what change can I find under the seats?”  “Can I coast four more miles on fumes?”  It’s no place to live friends, and it is a far cry from an UNSTOPPABLE LIFE!

I’ve learned, and honestly am still learning, that the best way to speed up in life is to slow down!  It’s paradoxical I know but it’s true.  Our American way has run far too many of us ragged and it needs to stop if we want to succeed.

If you’re serious about using this performance enhancer in your own life than here’s what I suggest you do.  It will take less than 10 minutes I promise.

  1. Stop and think:  Yep, it’s hard I know.  We don’t do it near enough.  Stop and think about the things that have brought you the most joy, peace, and energy in your life.  The kind of things that leave you feeling filled afterward, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally.  The people, places, activities, experiences, etc…
  2. Write it down:  Boil them down to 3.  Write them down somewhere you can see them, paper, note app, it doesn’t matter.
  3. Do it!:  Choose one that is achievable.  Not at some point or later this year, because you and I both know life will suck that intention right on up!  Choose just one that you can put into action and/or accomplish THIS WEEK!  Yes in less than 7 days! You have to prioritize rest and be intentional about filling up the depleted accounts.

Follow those simple steps and see if you are not more successful and energized to go and live an UNSTOPPABLE LIFE!

Enjoy the show today and put some truth into action.

Author: Bart J. Shaw

Helping Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Change!

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