TUL 007 – The Man Who Read 500 Leadership Books Writes A Game Changer Of His Own!

My guest this week, Todd Gongwer, shared this sentient in our recent conversation.

“Our purpose is not founded on what we do – but in who we are.”

Coming from a man who has read over 500 books on leadership, I think it would serve us well to listen!  His desire was to write a book that followed in leadership’s traditional numbered and principal oriented approach (think “7 Habits”).  What came out in the end was a modern day parable that follows a fictional story that hits strikingly close to reality todd-gongwer-the-unstoppable-lifefor so many.

He knew nothing about authoring (although I have a feeling that reading 500 books sure helped).  He self published and his book grew very rapidly via organic growth, selling over 10,000 copies almost entirely through word of mouth!  His book was then picked up by Tyndale House Publisher and marketed nationally.  His book, “Lead for God’s Sake” has had a profound impact on thousands including high profile coaches such as Urban Meyer and Lou Holtz.

Just listen to a brief blurb from coach Meyer during the National Championship media day talking about the impact of this book!  Talk about ordinary people making extraordinary change!

Today Todd travels extensively around the country sharing the principals behind the heart of leadership with many collegiate and professional coaches and programs.  Listen to our conversation as Todd shares what matters most and his own personal turning point that led to this major change in his life.

You can check out Todd’s powerful book or several others that he recommends with the links below.

Author: Bart J. Shaw

Helping Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Change!

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