TUL 005 – The “Podcast Answer Man,” Cliff Ravenscraft, Shares His Remarkable Story of Change!

I’m so excited to have none other than the “Podcast Answer Man” himself, Cliff Ravenscraft, joining me on the show!  Talk about change, this man has made some massive ones, in seavatar_BWveral different areas of life.

On this week’s episode Cliff unpacks the life events surrounding his shift from a very well paying and secure job in insurance to podcasting as a career.  His launch into online business was not an easy one, but definetely a worthwhile one!

I asked Cliff to come on and share his story and as your listen you’ll see the myriad of emotions and life pressures he was forced to overcome to break away to discover his Unstoppable Life! You’ll get a special deep glimpse into his faith journey as well, as he shares how podcasting has truly become a ministry for him.

As always my goal is to share with you inspiration, practical tools and advice to help you.  So make sure you don’t miss Cliff sharing and unpacking the greatest piece of advice he has ever followed!

“Never allow yourself to see anything as worse than it really is”

That simple but profound mentality has been transformational for him and just might be for you as well!

Enjoy and apply!

Cliff shared with us the resource that gave him the most traction as he sought to make a significant and lasting change in his life.  I encourage you to check it out with the link below.  It really is a benchmark book in so many ways!

If you would like to learn more about Cliff or have interest in his popular podcasting A to Z courses you can hit up the links below.



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